Spring Break 2015: Ski Family Vacation at Vail

So it’s Spring Break! and one of my favorite destinations is Vail, Colorado.  Having a family ski vacation at Vail is very baby friendly.  Staying at a resort that offers day care for your kids is a must, specially if you want to hit the slopes with your hubby instead of taking turns babysitting the kids.


Beaver Creek in Vail, Colorado

My top choice is Beaver Creek Resort, which offers a great daycare service for kids as small as newborns.  Their daycare is conveniently located two stories below the ski lifts.  And if you are still breastfeeding, like in my case, you can easily ski down the slopes a couple of times, breastfeed your baby, have a nice lunch, and ski a couple of more times before picking up your kids at 4pm.

The resort also has an ice skating ring and family tubing. In addition, just because your kids don’t ski yet they don’t have to give up the slopes.  Beaver Creek has a couple of gondolas for those riders on foot, so that everyone can enjoy the magnificent view.

This year the weather was around 50F during the day, and the skies were clear and sunny.  It was the perfect weather to enjoy warm chili and beer sitting by the slopes and to take the kids around to enjoy the snow.

Mia stepping on snow for the first time.

Mia stepping on snow for the first time.

Best Feeding Spoons for Babies

As with all the baby products, getting the right one takes time and lots of trials.  When it comes to feeding spoons, there is no difference.  By the time I got to my second baby I had pretty much tried most of them.

Your baby’s first spoons should be small, since your baby can’t eat much at this time, and the tips should also be soft so they are gentle enough on your baby’s gums.  Nowadays you can also get spoons that turn white if the food happens to be over 110°F (43.3°C).  My favorites so far are the Munchkin Safety Spoons, which turn white if food is too hot for the baby.

You can click here to get them :).


Placenta Encapsulation: The pills you will most likely NOT share with your friends

I know what you are thinking, YIKES! But don’t turn the page just yet. Your placenta has still some use after delivery!  You can use it for postpartum healing, as it has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine, and other cultures around the world.

The belief is that your baby’s placenta still retains many of its nutrients after birth.  For this reason, the placenta is dried, grounded, and encapsulated so that the mother can take advantage of its consumption. Some of its benefits are the replenishment of vitamins and minerals, balancing hormones, increasing milk production, and curbing postpartum depression.  Moreover, the capsules can be frozen for years to be taken during menopause.  Hence, by consuming the placenta in capsule form, the mother can aid her healing process and recover much faster!

The ones below are my own placenta capsules :).  Your midwife or Placenta Encapsulation Specialist should provide you with the instructions for proper consumption and storage.


Increase Your Milk Supply with Milky!

As a new mom determined to exclusively breastfeed your baby, you know how important it is to maintain a good milk supply.  Thankfully, it is possible to increment  your milk production with herbal supplements.  The most popular herbs are Fenugreek, Brewers Yeast, Blessed Thistle, and  Red Raspberry. You may take these as capsules or even as teas.

Now there is one lactation-enhancing herbal tea in the market that I love.  It’s called Milky! Milky was launched by sisters and actresses Tia and Tamera, and it claims not only to boost your breast milk but to enhance its quality.  You are supposed to drink two 2.5oz bottles a day to see the results.  I did find it helpful plus I loved the strawberry flavor.

Get it online at the Pea in the Pod, or you can get it at the Pea in the Pod store in Merrick Park, Miami :).


How to Exercise on Your Way to the Market

Having a baby and a toddler makes it difficult to find time to exercise.  That is why is so important to multitask.  Ditch the drive and instead take your kids for a stroll to the market.  Pushing a double stroller plus the groceries around the neighborhood will sure count as a workout.  In my case, it is a 16 block round trip.  Not only do you get to do your groceries, but you can enjoy taking a stroll with your kids while burning some extra calories!


My kids, Mia and Derin, taking a nap while strolling in Publix in their Baby Jogger City Select.

Noon Year’s Eve for the Kids at Miami Children’s Museum

New Year’s Eve is almost here and I am starting to feel a little bit guilty that I will not be spending the night with my kids (I know they will be tucked in bed by 9pm anyways but still can’t help it).  I was trying to find something fun to do with them so that we could share some special time together before the New Year’s Eve Party.  Thankfully, we’ve got the Miami Children’s Museum launching a Noon Year’s Eve Party.  We’ll then get to ring in the New Year a couple of hours earlier with a fun balloon drop, which I know my kids will love!


Sweet Potatoes as Baby’s First Foods

Organic sweet potatoes/yams are great as a first food for babies, since they are high in many vitamins and minerals (such as vitamin A, C, E, Potassium, Folic acid, among others), plus they are very tasty.
Before making the pure for my baby, I like to bake the sweet potatoes for about 40 min instead of boiling them, as boiling can leech out vitamins. I also add a bit of olive oil, which has many good properties and helps in keeping your baby “regular.”  The final result and most important thing is that my baby loves it!


Mia enjoying her sweet potatoes.

How to Boost Your Baby’s Development


There is this App for your iPhone called BabySparks, which I believe is a must for new moms with babies from 0-12 months.   It contains different activities with step by step videos and text explanations that help stimulate your baby according to his/her developmental stage.  BabySparks covers seven areas of development: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, Speech, Sensory, Self-Care, and Social-Emotional.  The cost is just $4.99 and the new app for babies 13-24 months is soon to come :).

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from the place Where Dreams Come True… Disney World!!!

So as a lucky Floridian I’ve got Disney World just 3 hours away.  Add to that an Annual Pass and two kids younger than 3 years old, and you’ve got a year full of fun with your little ones.

I love Magic Kingdom, but for my 2 1/2 year old boy Hollywood Studios was a hit.  They have the Disney Junior Live on Stage show that is a must if your little one watches Disney Junior, as they have their favorite characters live on stage! Even my 6 months old baby girl loved it, as she could enjoy the colors and the bubbles falling from the sky.  Another show that my toddler enjoyed was the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.  They just added Lightning McQueen and Mater to the show, so my boy was thrilled.

For a decent place to eat I would recommend The Hollywood Brown Derby.  I personally enjoyed their Pan-seared Black Grouper.

Finally, if you are planning to go to Magic Kingdom I have two tips to share:

1 ) If you have a big stroller than you do not wish to fold, then walk from the parking lot directly to the Ferry.  It’s faster and you don’t need to worry about folding and unfolding your stroller.

2) Take advantage of the Baby Care Center! They have changing tables, feeding chairs, nursing room, and restrooms (which are always clean AND empty :)).